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Barriers To Reconciliation: Bully tactics – interrupting, anger, talking loud, screaming, temper tantrums, storming out of a meeting or forcing another to leave, to name but a few. Other barriers include not listening, needing to be right, selective memory and a laundry list of behaviors from those who defiantly act from a place of selfishness.

Sharing Listening Understanding Tolerance Generosity Mercy Grace Forgiveness Release Reconciliation Self Forgiveness Compassion Compassion
  • Sharing

    By sharing our hurt and pain with others a dam softly gives way and a gentle wave of release moves throughout our whole being, as the well of torment begins to dry. Our heart becomes liberated, as the scope, depth and breadth of our emotions gently widens.
  • Listening

    The benevolent act of listening, devoid of judgment, results in a sweet and tender presence, that reverberates in the heart of the wounded person and the one listening, setting the stage for profound freeing of the heart, leading to Understanding.
  • Understanding

    Although we may not be able to fully appreciate the pain one has gone through, or the rationale behind actions causing so much harm, we do have the power of intent, which can result in a desire to understand the motivation behind such cruel actions of another. From this perspective a self liberating attitude of Tolerance can appear.
  • Tolerance

    With a posture of patience, and a loving heart, we can accept others from a place of tolerance. With this stance even the cruelest ones are deserving of our Generous heart. By way of benevolence and charity the wounded heart of revenge softens.
  • Generosity/Gratitude

    Generosity: As the texture of our heart and mind becomes more loving we are naturally more generous and giving. Generosity, free of judgement, allows Mercy to unfold.Gratitude: Half way through the forgiveness process let’s stop and count our blessings, consciously side stepping woe is me and the haunting woulda, coulda, shoulda.
  • Mercy

    Extending compassion and forgiveness towards another, where we could seek revenge, is one of the sweetest gifts we can bestow. This kind act can result in the release of a nagging grudge and put one in a state of greater inner peace and personal Grace.
  • Grace

    The state of grace, felt by those who practice kindness and charity, is truly an illuminating experience, as we glow with goodness. The aforementioned attributes and actions help induce this effect, as it naturally leads to Forgiveness.
  • Forgiveness

    It has been said that forgiveness is our greatest gift and our only hope. How does peace have a remote chance of taking hold if forgiveness is not embraced? To the left is Release – To the right Reconciliation. Make a choice and move to forgive oneself.
  • Release

    The act of forgiveness can lead to Release, as we simply let go of bitterness towards someone who messes up our plans. Release may also be the best approach if the one causing harm, like a drug addict, creates havoc with all they touch. Maybe revisit a friendship someday, where for now it is best to let go and walk away.
  • Reconciliation

    With friends, lovers, partners or family wounds can be deeper and Reconciliation may be the best choice, and greatest opportunity for growth. This can be tricky as often there is a need to make the other wrong and assumptions cloud communication. Reconciliation requires both parties set aside assumptions, focusing on Sharing and Listening.
  • Self Forgiveness

    Often our greatest challenge is forgiving oneself. Releasing guilt and shame is profound, the soft heart radiates love and the liberation of spirit is dramatic. The process is easier as we forgive others. Forgiving oneself breeds kindness, little miracles appear, as inner composure and equanimity replace anxiety.
  • Compassion

    Once the path of forgiveness is followed Compassion and empathy is at our core and becomes the motivating force behind our actions and achievements. What was once thought to be impossible, is not only in our grasp, but becomes reality. It has been said that the heart of compassion embodies all the great virtues, transforming our experience.
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Concept and Design: Bob Daley     Digital Artwork: StudioKind