Golden Age of Enlightenment

The roots of the Age of Reason or The Enlightenment:

Broadly stretching from 1650 -1815, this time in history began with discoveries and approaches to life that took the meaning, understanding and purpose of life out of the severely strict realm of the church. From Galileo to Descartes, Bacon and John Locke, fresh ideas and personal freedoms were evolving.

Sadly this age of Enlightenment also included male domination, racism, sexism, cruelty to the disadvantaged, colonialism and constant war.

A Golden Age of Enlightenment:

Simply stating alarming signs of the times makes it obvious that a Golden Age of Enlightenment is crucial to the survival of Creator’s many species. Widespread disregard for our planet, and her inhabitants, has created the current dilemma.  A consciousness shift, of a magnitude equal to the challenge, is required to reverse the trend. We all do our best when challenged, if we meet the challenge as a society, a whole new era, with forgiveness and compassion at the core will unfold into greater enlightenment.

Embracing the positive essence of life shared by the masters and beacons of wisdom, some presented Herein, may add seeds for change. On many fronts these seeds of transformation are germinating and blossoming.  The leaders presented herein held a vision and contributed many wonders.  Today “We Are Called” to do great works as a society.

– “Problems often become worse if incompetent people try to solve them.” –  Eraldo Banovac

The insatiable war machine and the juggernaut corporation has been successful at constant war and widespread environmental rape and pillage of the planet. Unlike the late 17th century, the barriers to an enlightenment movement now has added resistance to change. The blinding effect of mass media, consumer consciousness and a self absorbed populace has created a sleep waking culture, always after the next gratification, ignoring the reality of the times. As Mother Nature responds with climate and environmental disasters humanity is forced to swiftly reconsider our approach to life. During crisis the act of helping one another is of far greater importance than if those in need belong to the same church, are the same color or ethnic heritage. The teaching, Love thy neighbor as thyself, comes alive as heartfelt actions of compassion are shared. This is only one of the doors that can lead to a Golden Age of Enlightenment. Being challenged on many fronts we can champion a myriad of restorative solutions and move to a new era.

This website is meant to instill hope and conviction to “Be The Necessary Change”, as the exalted ones Herein have so effectively done so. The next step is for everyday men and women to express and be this level of change, and in doing so achieve what now seems to be the inconceivable.