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What is the one thing, which when you possess, you have all the virtues? It is compassion. - Buddha

God’s dream is that you and I and all of us will realize that we are family, that we are made for togetherness, for goodness, and for compassion. - Bishop Desmond Tutu

- Kuan Yin installations are simply places for contemplating compassion, peace, love and other virtues.

The foundation of a Compassionate Heart leads to generous acts of Kindness, so that Peace and Love have a place to Blossom.

As with the garden certain plants, fertilizers, methods and ample time will cleanse the soil, making a new healthy harvest possible. Compassionate sets the stage for our garden.

If one looks at the planet as a garden it would be easy to see our eden is in the most dreadful of conditions. Negative forces facing humanity can easily lead to hopelessness. There is a growing call to wake to the mayhem of the environment, social condition and realize that in numbers we have a majority and power. Faced with constant tragedies humankind begs for transformation. An about-face, reversing the 8,000 year old attitude of taking from Mother Earth and domination of others, is key to the survival and enhancement of our species.

The military-industrial complex, our greatest enemy, fueled by greed and cruelty, creates more war, fostering terrorism and more war. A brave and vibrant peace movement took hold in the 60’s and continues to this day. Minds have changed, great deeds have been done, but power hungry politicians scheme, governments subsidize and stock markets fuel the highly profitable global war machine. An enemy such as this is rarely subdued by meeting them head on. The more power one has, and the more successful in exposing and resisting the war machine, the greater the risk this person will be eliminated. Our greatest leaders, Gandhi, JFK, MLK, RFK, Yitzhak Rabin and Lennon, all expressed the crucial need for peace. We have tried so diligently, but our world is not responding on the level required. The aforementioned great ones were all assassinated, and this same response by the war machine continues to this day.

Some look to the path of love as the answer. Pure love is surely divine, the source of all religions, the sweetest state us humans can be in, but we struggle with love. Often love goes wrong, and hearts get broken, as love has many motivations and outcomes. Even self love is elusive for many. Authentic love seems to be the natural result of a kind and compassionate heart, as benevolent and heartfelt actions naturally unfold from this.

Few take issue with compassion, as it is universally cherished, leads towards helping others, lays the cornerstone for a life where one’s actions display peace and love, helping us be peace and love as a society. Maybe with universally popular compassion at the vanguard a majority can be more readily had.

Compassion is like an orchid, loved by all and when she flowers, a variety of colors come forth. Love, peace, kindness, mercy, benevolence, gratitude, tenderness, tolerance and empathy are but a few of the blessings offered by those who walk the planet with compassion.

A worldwide movement is taking hold with the Charter for Compassion. The compassion approach in communities is becoming popular, as the news exposes gross injustices. Those charged to protect endanger those of color, sanctuary cities are fighting to quell hatred and reporters get attacked for truthfully covering the truth of late.

Blessings offered to those who have received, or visited, Kuan Yin sites, and her message. Each site develops a personality of it's own, a reflection of the community and her guests. - Be well, Bob Daley -

A Compassion Resource, a worldwide movement is taking hold:

Charter for Compassion: Those who embrace the basic principles of compassion are working to spread relief of suffering and enhancement of others lives. Over 70 cities globally have affirmed the Charter for Compassion through local entities. Affirming the Charter means that a community has identified issues on which they are working, and are committed to a multi-year action plan.