~ Inspiring Public Art That Encourages Kindness, Compassion and Social Good Will  ~  

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Gardens of Forgiveness and Compassion provide sweet and gentle places where folks can take a detour from the norm to ponder the qualities, path and rewards of forgiveness and compassion. The act of forgiveness leads to releasing inner torment, as our inner world changes, and the scope and nature of our actions softens.  All the great virtues blossom, like a bed of roses, in a myriad of colors, from the heart of compassion.

The news of the day – environment, politics, social upheaval and regular shootings is devastating, as our social fabric continues to decay.  Areas of heartfelt art encourage healing and inspires goodness, in a gentle yet powerful manner, creating greater social harmony.

As we have seen with Nelson Mandela, and the Anti-Apartheid Movement, Forgiveness and Compassion plays a key role in solidifying lasting changes. The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission stands as the most dramatic modern display of societal reconciliation. This restorative justice program, setting aside retribution, brought a significant and effective healing to a war torn country.

Together with Political and Social Activism, Forgiveness and Compassion can inspire broad support for a shift in consciousness. For 5,000 years revenge has proven to only reinforce destructive outcomes, to continue with the same approach, will only end in the same results, some would say is insanity.

A Path of the Heart is our greatest joy and our only hope. ~~~ Can’t we all just get along. Rodney King – Victim of massive police beating.

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